Licensed & Bonded NJ Master Plumber's License # 12526
DiSomma Plumbing & Heating is proudly owned and operated by John
DiSomma. John started his career as a plumber in 1974 and has worked with
numerous trade professionals throughout the tri-state area.  He is well
respected amongst his clients and peers for the quality of his work, honesty
and personal guarantee to properly complete every job.  John DiSomma takes
his time to explain every project to his customers and has built his reputation
on his knowledge and patience.

The DiSomma Plumbing and Heating staff is constantly attending seminars
and clinics to keep-up with advancements in science and technology.  Knowing
what application will work best and how to install that application in every
situation is what puts DiSomma Plumbing & Heating above the competition.

DiSomma has done work for customers a
s large as Montclair State University
and as small as the nice lady around the corner. There is no job too big and
no job too small. Give us a call and we will service any and all of your plumbing
DiSomma Plumbing & Heating